My first post !

Hi Everyone,

Another blog in the ocean of available one out there. Why do I suddenly want to BLOG… Well, I wanted to started to write articles about products in the world of Apple.

unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to have any way to write something on a ”correct known” board. Snif snif…

So here I am…

On that, just so I can fill this BLOG with useful information’s, I will also post articles of my own or other on any subjects concerning the computer world. Theses articles will mostly concern the infrastructures world of any kind. I am a huge Apple fan, but there is other stuff out there, so why not check around… Like I alway say, it’s not because your plate is full that you can’t look at what’s in the buffet !

P.S : Sorry for my bad English writing, I mostly write in French usually…


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