Month: July 2010

iPhone 4 and Hak5

First thing first, thanks Shannon for the post on my blog. This really appreciated and surprising ! If Hak5 is willing to step by the great Montreal area in Canada, I will be glad to have the crew at home. I have a lot of space available to shoot and spare room for guest. The invitation is open when ever you want ! Unless I’m on vacation on a Mexico beach… lol

On that note, this Friday morning July 30th is the day iPhone 4 are available in Canada. (Wouhou !). So I decided to step by my local cell carrier this morning but they only opened at 10 O’clock and there was already a line up. I then changed my mind and went to the Apple store… WOOOOOOOO !!! BAD IDEA ! There was a waiting line of 4 person large and 2 block’s long !!!

I guess I will wait to get the phone after the boom and ask my local carrier to send it to me by mail…. HAAAA Sweet mail !


Hak5 Web Show

Just discovered that Tech show a couple months ago. The show is named Hak5 and it’s powered by Revision3.

They mostly talk about hardware, some ”hacking” and techie stuff. The show is pretty cool and the girl is gorgeous.

Take a loot at

You might want to listen to the show’s about the WiFi Pineapple. Pretty funny “Men in the middle” process to get over wifi routers and their users.