iPhone 4 and Hak5

First thing first, thanks Shannon for the post on my blog. This really appreciated and surprising ! If Hak5 is willing to step by the great Montreal area in Canada, I will be glad to have the crew at home. I have a lot of space available to shoot and spare room for guest. The invitation is open when ever you want ! Unless I’m on vacation on a Mexico beach… lol

On that note, this Friday morning July 30th is the day iPhone 4 are available in Canada. (Wouhou !). So I decided to step by my local cell carrier this morning but they only opened at 10 O’clock and there was already a line up. I then changed my mind and went to the Apple store… WOOOOOOOO !!! BAD IDEA ! There was a waiting line of 4 person large and 2 block’s long !!!

I guess I will wait to get the phone after the boom and ask my local carrier to send it to me by mail…. HAAAA Sweet mail !


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