My brand new iPad



Yesterday I purchased my first ebook reader thap happened to be a iPad from Apple.

I have to say that i was not sure at the beginning for 1 simple reason, the price.

So far I have to say that I am quite impressed by the quality of the product, the screen resolution and how easy for the eye is the screen; even of it’s not a polarized screen like the Kindle or Sony e-book reader.

As for writing with the onboard keyboard, well I’m getting used to it and also purchased a “Bluetooth” keyboard. So far on that side, everything is fine.

One of the reason’s I decided to purchase a iPad instead of any other book reader is that it will also let me use other apps but more specifically program editor for (X)HTLM(5),CSS,JS and so on. As well as a super neat portable SSH console screen since I’m also a sys admin. I hope this will become useful to do some quick fix while in meetings, on the go, or even to become my main portable console hardware.

Now is the time to explore all the applications I might want to get like a terminal app as mentioned above.

Oh ! Look ! There is even Apple Pages ! 😉

P.S: Written from my iPad.


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