Month: October 2011

Apple and ”my 2 cents”

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is my 2 cents of the day. Why? Well… I’m a little tired that peoples think that I am a Apple fan with it’s logo tattoed on my chest…

I know, the apereance are against me since I own a MBP 15”, a iPad 1st gen, and a iPhone 4.

However, the only reason I do love Apple product at this time is that they are; in my opinion; the ”best” on the market at this right given time.

You would have ask back 5 or 10 years or even 4 years ago; what laptop would you purcharss; I would have answred with a complet different thing…

So, what is my point here? Well, read back the line that start with the word ”however”…. That’s it!

Oh! And I do not give Apple all the credit, there are other great product out there as well and I know it… Since I use them too…;-)

Hope this answer the ”critics” answer’s?

My 2 cents.