Computer science

Computer science

Review: iClooly Alumi Stand for iPhone 3G 3GS

Here is a nice little review of the iClooly Alumi Stand for iPhone 3G & 3GS. Note that the article is in French.

I suggest you use a translation tool to have it in English.

Have a nice reading !



Sharepoint apps deploiement.

Today has been a bad day for me as a Sharepoint deployment manager. Seem that I had te reboot the entire pre prod web farm because of a hanged retraction. It look like even the front end web server had to be rebooted in order to have the task being dropped by Sharepoint. Even a manual operation with stsadm was not an option. Look’s like I should have remember that a reboot in a MS software world is as natural as not to in the Linux world. Still happy that this was in pre prod env.

It feel good to talk about it.