iSSH for iPad. Pros/Cons

Hi There,

As you know, I recently purchased a Apple iPad. One of the reason I did buy it instead of another e-book reader is that it can be use for other thing’s than only reading.

One of the most important thing for me was that it can support SSH connections to other machines. At the Apple APP store, there is a APP called iSSH that you can purchase for 9.99$ which I did. The application is very interesting and easy to read on the device display either in horizontal or vertical orientation of it. The application also support X Window server that is quite useful to run GUI tools over SSH. It also support SSH tunneling as well as key’s for authentication.

Other than just SSH, iSSH also support RAW VNC connections and VNC over SSH. I didn’t however try that feature yet.

My bad comment concerning the application in general would be that it does not support some of the shortcuts while using an external keyboard with it.
Ex : CTRL-L to clear the screen or CTRL-D to log out. As well as TAB for the auto-completion and so on.

This is clearly not a iPad limitation since CTRL shortcuts are indeed supported in application such as NOTES and mail to do copy and paste for instance…

I know that I am not alone in that situation using that specific application, they have received some comments that I hope they read take action on.
This application would be awesome to me as long as they fix theses minor issues.

You can go and download the application from the Apple APP store here : iSSH APPLICATION IPAD 9.99$

Also here are 2 screen shots of horizontal and vertical console. :