Lesson of the day : .NET 1.1, 2.0 and 64 bits

Today at work we had an issue with a web app that does a call to a DB. That error was : invalid cast.

After searching to know what was going on and not without frustration I noticed that the application migrated was built on the 1.1 .Net framework. Unfortunately, the new server only have the 2.0 version. Not that big of a deal since 1.1 and 2.0 framework can co-exist side by side. But there is an IF, that if being that if the 2.0 framework run in 64 bits mode, 1.1 can not run side by side unless you run 2.0 in 32 bits…

I guess the dev will need to some little coding… 🙂

P.S : I know 1.1 support 64 bits environments, but like I said, it can’t run with 2.0 in 64 bits mode…


Sharepoint apps deploiement.

Today has been a bad day for me as a Sharepoint deployment manager. Seem that I had te reboot the entire pre prod web farm because of a hanged retraction. It look like even the front end web server had to be rebooted in order to have the task being dropped by Sharepoint. Even a manual operation with stsadm was not an option. Look’s like I should have remember that a reboot in a MS software world is as natural as not to in the Linux world. Still happy that this was in pre prod env.

It feel good to talk about it.